Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sometimes God Says Yes!

I was taught that no matter how much I prayed for something; God sometimes said no. But there was always a reason for everything. This proved to be true for me this past year.

Picking a career as an actress or writer means you usually have to work at what they call a normal job to pay the bills. For the past year, I have been trying to find a job. I guess i should watch tv more because I would have known how bad the job market is. I mean when you can't even get an offer from McDonald's there is something wrong. But I kept my faith even when it was faltering. My best friend would tell me "God didn't bring you this far to let you down." So I trudged on.

Let me tell you, after awhile you got all your job history, education, etc, memorized, dates and all. I went to interviews and answered the questions asked. I was told my skills were impressive and they liked me but they had others to interview and would let me know. Then I would start over again. When you are unemployed, you can't sit by the phone waiting.

Did I get some responses, you might ask? Yes I did. Not the answer I wanted but they did call or send a letter. I would get the response:"We really were impressed with your skills, you have a great personality and we really liked you." Then if done by the phone, there was a pause. And then they would say, "But we decided to go with someone else. What the heck was that! They loved me, they were impressed with my skills, but they went with someone else. The rejections by mail were something else. One from a major department store just stated that they didn't have a job to match my skills. Wait a minute, I have over 11 years of retail experience and there wasn't a job to match my skills. Sorry but working retail isn't rocket science.

But as I said in the subject of this blog, God sometimes says yes. And he did last week. i finally got a job that will pay enough, so I can pursue my dreams. it is everything I ever wanted in a job. The hours are right, the pay is good and it leaves me enough time for auditions, and writing.

I have written short stories that were easier to write than this blog. But I can cross this off my list of things to do. I have now written my first blog.


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