Friday, January 30, 2009

Pet Peeves For 2008

1. People who drive while talking on a cell phone. (unless you are the FBI going to capture a serial killer than get off the frickin phone. I was almost hit by some moron who couldn't put down the adult version of a pacifier.
2. That every woman must be a size 2 or under the age of 30 to be consider worthy of anything.
3. Ageism. Just because you remember when the Beatles were the new band out of the UK doesn't mean you are too old to have an opinion or be useful.
4. Intolerance. If we all were the same wouldn't this be a very boring world. Diversity is the spice of life.
5. Celebrity Adoration. I don't understand how people can take simple admiration and become psychotic about it. I used to belong to a fan site of an actors' where some members actually believed if they met this actor in person they would fall in love and marry him. In fact, if you pointed out to them how crazy this sounded they would say you were just jealous because said actor would want them but not you. Trust me, I gave up thinking I was going to marry someone famous when I was around 11 years old and I knew I was going to marry David Cassidy. I even sent him a letter. It never happened. i was heart broken but I got over it. Now don't get me wrong, there are actors who I think are great for various reason. Gerard Butler for his accent, Nathan Fillion for the fact he reads books and he has an intelligience you rarely find in Hollywood actors and he is one handsome geek,Brad Pitt because he walks the walk and talks the talk and he is hot because he is a good dad.