Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Loss Of Three Wonderful Actors

In the past week, we have lost 3 very wonderful actors, Clint Ritchie, Phil Carey, and James Whitmore. Clint and Phil were on the soap opera One Life To Live as well as tv and movies and James Whitmore was in many great movies, tv shows and the Miracle Gro commercial.

What really has bothered me is the lack of notice from the media for these men who gave wondeful performances. Let Brittany or Paris forget their panties and it is splashed all over the news. They all deserved more from the media than just a small paragraph on AOL. I applaud the friends and co-workers of Clint Ritchie and Phil Carey who did memorials to them on the internet. They didn't let them fade into oblivion without the recognition they deserved.

I remember each of them in the many different roles they played. If you ever watched the mini series Centennial, you would see Clint Ritches as Messmore Garrett. He also played Clint Buchanan in One Life To Live for 20 years. Phil He also did many other movies and tv shows. From the little bit on the internet that was written by people who knew him, he was a wonderful man who loved his horses and other animals on his ranch. Phil Carey started when Hollywood still had the studio system. His roles covered all across the board. I am a Kolchak Night Stalker fan and he did a role in an episode. He was well known for his role as Asa Buchanan. James Whitmore was another actor who was around forever. He did lead roles as well as supporting. Another favorite movie of mine called Them had him in the role of a police officer. He made acting look so easy. These men contributed a lot to the world of entertainment.

This is why it bothers me so much, these wonderful men left this world without much notice. Hollywood is more concerned with youth and the cookie cutter actors and actresses that they are producing that they forget the wonderful performers who actually had talent and could be called actors.

I would rather watch an old movie where there was a story, before nudity and foul language was the norm. Most people don't remember the actors' names and that is a shame. So the next time, you are looking for a movie, try an older one.

God Bless, to these three wonderful men who left this world with wonderful memories of their performances. They will be missed by family, friends and their fans worldwide.


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